Russian Open WCS Championship 2021
4/22/21 - 4/25/21 Lisoborie. Moscow, Russia

Russian Open WCS 2021

We are so lucky to be able to dance in real!

Come and hang out with us! Communicate, learn, hug, smile and have a good time! :)
Center of Moscow (just 2 metro station from Kremlin), lovely dance studio Lisoborie, friends with open heart! ​

What is waiting for you

  • 250 sq.m. of the dance floor
  • Workshops at 4 levels, 3 hours of Solo Improvement Intensive From Benji Schwimmer
  • JnJ's, Strictly Swing, Rising Stars and Pro/Am Routines
  • 3 dance parties before breakfast!
  • lot's of mini hotels and hostels around venue, lot's of cheap and nice cafe and restaurants around, and of, course, little distance to the Heart of Moscow - Red Square ;) ​

Our plans

We want to combine real classes and online classes. Kind of "semi-online" We gather a group of dancers in the dance hall, and the teacher corrects and explains everything through the screen. A simple online format is also possible.

There will be an intensive from Benji! Classes by Novice, Intermediate, Advanced + All Stars levels will be!

The format will depend on who we can bring to Russia. As you know, you need to have at least tourist visa to come. Therefore, we hope for the official cancellation of restrictions, the opening of borders and the opportunity to manage to get visas for everyone who wants to come at least from Europe. ​

Now we are supported by

  • Benji Schwimmer (USA)
  • Kyle Redd and Sarah Van Drake (USA)
  • Maxence Martin and Virginie Grondin (FRA)
  • Browly Adjavon and Inga Kurcisa (FRA, LVA)
  • Marina Motronenko (RUS)
  • Olga Malafeevskaya (RUS)
  • Konstantin Baranov (RUS)

We will be glad to see all foreign participants who really miss dancing and are ready to join us.

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