Elena Kotelnikova

Sankt-Peterburg, RU

I have been:

  • Dancing, competing and volunteering for dance events since 2008,
  • Running WCS events since 2012 - Swing & Snow since 2013 (WSDC registry since 2014), Saint Petersburg WCS Nights since 2015 (WSDC registry since 2017))
  • Using danceconvention as an event promoter since 2013
  • Scoring discofox competitions in St.Petersburg since (don't remember) and WCS events using danceConvention since 2015 - Scored Moscow Xmas Dance Camp 2015, 2016, Moscow Westie Fest 2015, 2016, 2017, Bavarian Open 2016, Old Town Swing (Tallin) 2016, 2017, Riga Summer Swing 2016, 2017, 2018, King Swing 2017, 2018, Italian Open 2017, The After Party 2017)

I can do scoring, organize registration, do marshaling, check-in,... and help with other comps related issues.

I love social dancing (usually dance till morning). I can both lead and follow WCS, and follow most of other social dances to some extend

I can also DJ for WCS social dancing (not for comps)

I'm quite flexible. Please contact me on Facebook or at placebo@mail.ru

Renars Sirotins

Riga, LV

I'm an Event Director of Riga Summer Swing event.

Heavily involved in all aspects of West Coast Swing dance: organization, teaching, scoring, DJ-ing and of course dancing. Also competing but only when not scoring.

Me and my dance partner Inga Kurcisa started WCS community in Riga from scratch ~2012. That explains our wide and thorough involvement in WCS. And now we are growing community with one of the biggest WSDC events in Europe.

Involvement in scoring started with my own tools and because of the IT background. Always trying to bring extra value to the event as an Advanced and "addicted" social dancer. ;)

Now I'm very glad and honored to be part of DC team, a system that we use for our own event and that I recommend to all other EDs.

Please get in touch with me about terms & conditions: renars.sirotins@gmail.com

Ekaterina Wolff

Freiburg, DE

Hi! Yes, I do scoring as well :)

All Star level WCS dancer and teaching professional originally from Russia, currently based in Freiburg, Germany. I do scoring since 2012 (Moscow discofox events and competitions), working presently on WSDC events as well.

I feel perfectly fine not only with single scoring, but also with organizing the full registration process (including teaching volunteers to work on registration desk), marshalling etc.

I also enjoy social dancing and do dj sets almost every event I attend.

Please feel free to contact me on Facebook or drop an email to thewolffswcs@gmail.com. See you!

Roar Hugudal

Trondheim, NO

Dancing WCS since 2010.

Scorekeeping since 2016, official scorer for Norway Westie Fest.

Contact me via Facebook for terms and conditions

Oleg Fomin

Moskva, RU
  • Danceconvention.net early adopter
  • Dancing WCS since 2009
  • Managing WCS events since 2011
  • Scorekeeping since 2018

Contact me via Facebook