Pricing philosophy

Our pricing model is unique for ticket sales business.

We built it around the idea that we don't want you to pay for the success of your business, only for the services we provide. We're not going to tax your business by setting a percentage-on-your-sale commission.

Instead, we offer flat-rate plans, suitable for events of any size. Plans are graded by online/onsite support SLA provided.

For all pricing plans, except annual subscription, promoter is billed only after event is finished.

Plans offered

We offer several plans, depending on you scale and requirements:

  • Demo plan: FREE! Event size is limited to 30 participants, so it's good to try the system during a small local competition, for example.
  • Basic: $1.5 per event customer. Good for small to medium sized events. Online support is provided on-demand, with 3h response time guarantee.
  • Pro: $300 per event, flat rate, everything included. On-demand online support with 1h response time guarantee.
  • Premium: $500 per event, flat rate. Everything you have with Pro, plus 24/7 online support SLA.
  • Onsite: $800 per event, flat rate. Includes Pro plan, 24/7 online support SLA and on-site support from one of our authorized scorers.
  • Annual subscription:  contact us. We can set up an annual subscription plan, with an unlimited number of events, tailored to your needs.