The After Party - A West Coast Swing Experience
12/5/19 - 12/8/19 Irvine, CA

Our goal for the legendary event, The After Party, is to provide a friendly, relaxed, and fun atmosphere for a West Coast Swing event.


December 5 - December 8, 2019
Hilton Irvine Orange County (Irvine, CA)

Event Features

  • Over 60 leveled WCS and Solo workshops (all included with your pass).
  • Free Beginner Class Thursday Night! No Weekend Pass Required!
  • Solo Series classes in Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, and more!
  • Student of the Year & Honor Roll #GetToClass Awards and Prizes
  • The largest and most diverse group of International Instructors in the U.S.!
  • WSDC Registered Event! We spotlight finals Intermediate & Up!
  • One of the most incredible DJ & MC panels to ever be assembled!
  • DJ Battle Champions/Allstar Strictly Swing Battle! 4 DJs / 1 Show
  • 1am #TapThat parties! Fri & Sat nights at 1am we kick-off the late-night party with a special event! Friday night: Live Music Acts! / Saturday night: "French Late Night" with France's top DJ!
  • The Artist Bazaar @ TAP - The TAP Lounge features art from artists within our community, and offers a creative space for music jam sessions, meditation, rest, conversation, and just to take a break.
  • Across the street from the Orange County Airport!
  • Full 4 Day Event! Thursday with Ben Morris and Sunday with Meech'n'Friends!

Teachers / Choreographers / Coaches / Dancers

  • Ben Morris & Victoria Henk (USA)
  • Maxime and Torri Zzaoui (France)
  • Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann (USA)
  • Jakub Jakoubek & Emeline Rochefeuille (Czech Republic / France)
  • Ben McHenry & Cameo Cross (USA)
  • Semion Ovsiannikov & Maria Elizarova (Russia)
  • Sean Mckeever & Courtney Adair (USA)
  • Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham-Munroe (Canada)
  • Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay (USA)
  • Thibault Ramirez & Nicole Clonch (France & USA)
  • Alyssa Glanville (USA)
  • Lee Easton & Fabienne Henshall (United Kingdom)
  • Christopher Dumond (USA)
  • Wee Tze Yi & Dalena Lee (Singapore)
  • Malia San Nicolas (USA)
  • Estelle Bonnaire (France)
  • Ryan Crutcher (USA)
  • Kara Frenzel (USA)
  • Larissa Thayane (Brazil)
  • Samantha Buckwalter (USA)
  • Annika Välimaa (Finland)
  • Chuck Brown (USA)
  • Kara Frenzel (USA)
  • Brandon Gautreaux (USA)
  • Mia Primavera (USA)
  • Ryan Boz & Alexis Garrish (USA)

…..more ARTISTS to be announced leading up to the event!


  • Brad Whelan (USA/Australia)
  • Victor Loveira (USA)
  • Forrest Hanson (USA)
  • Emeline Rochefeuille (France)
  • Helen Tocco (USA)
  • Aidan Keith-Hynes (USA)
  • Christopher Chung (USA)
  • Anastasia Leonenko (Russia)
  • Brian Sforzo (USA)

Live Music Acts

  • Khayree Jones (USA) – Alto Sax
  • Maxwell Thew (USA) – Tenor Sax

Event Staff

  • Chuck Brown & Demetre Souliotes - Event Directors
  • Brad Whelan – Event Photography
  • Dirk Haage – Registration and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Kellen Livingston – Promotional Design
  • Demetre Souliotes - Website
  • Myles Munroe - Chief Judge
  • - Scoring and Registration System

This is a West Coast Swing Experience that you don’t want to miss!