KIWI fest 2015
5/1/15 - 5/3/15 Kiev, Ukraine

Ukraine is now the cheapest destination in Europe!

Your trip will be cheap, BUT quality and priceless memories will not go away!


Let's see what we got for you this year

  • Intensive Workshops
  • WSDC Jack'n'Jill (Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • 3 Parties until the morning.
  • Boat Party with wonderful night city view cruise.
  • NEW: Bus Party. With free Cuba-Libre cocktails.
  • A lot of fun. As usual. We are Ukrainians ;)

Our teachers:

  • Bret Navarre (France)
  • Joelle Navarre (France)
  • Zsigmond Marias (Hungary)
  • Izabella Kowalska (Hungary)
  • Chuck Brown (USA)

WCS-dancers from all over the world connect! There are Low-cost flights available from Europe to Kiev.

You do NOT need Visa to visit Ukraine if you are a citizen of CIS, an European country, US or Canada!