Часовой пояс мероприятия US/Central
05.07.21 20:20
Post Event Survey

Hey guys, don't forget to fill out the post event survey! Listed here and on the W3 Facebook page!


04.07.21 18:12
Competition results & scores available online

All competition results & scores are available online on danceConvention.net website. Please note that prelim round scores are published only for competitors that have at least one 'Yes' or 'Alternate' mark. Your individual scores are available in your personal account area.

04.07.21 13:24
Newcomer Finals

Newcomer Finals happening at 1:30! Cheer on your friends!!

03.07.21 19:49
Ballroom delayed until 8:15!

Ballroom delayed opening until 8:15. Choreo performance delayed until 9:15! 💃🕺

03.07.21 14:35
Competition schedule live updates

If you compete, please watch the schedule in the app closely - we'll be updating it as we go, trying to maintain the timing as relevant as possible.

Callbacks will be published in the app as well.

Thanks and good luck!

03.07.21 13:45
Come Experience The Energy In The Ballroom

Come Experience The Energy In The Ballroom! Cheers your friends on! Take in this first comp back! 🤠

03.07.21 10:19
Food Options!

FOOD ANNOUNCEMENTS - aka everyone's favorite questions.

We will have a no-cash bar Sat night with specialty drink: Whiskey Whip - lemon juice and agave (whiskey sour, shaken). Bar is credit or debit cards only.

Buffets are available for dinner ($18.75 per person) at Centennial Cafe - special pricing for W3. All food outlets except buffets and late night happy hour are 10% off with your wristband!

Sat Late Night Happy Hour starting at 11pm! Burrito Bowls + More CC or room charge only - Hotel is cashless

03.07.21 10:02
DEI at 11:30am

DEI at 11:30am in Reunion 1/2 see you there!

02.07.21 21:48
Most Wanted Strictly

Most Wanted Strictly coming up at 10! Don't forget to cast your votes for your favorites.

02.07.21 20:35

Happening shortly! Please check in!

02.07.21 19:30
Opening Ceremonies

Happening IMMINENTLY! Get your feet to the ballroom!

02.07.21 14:59

Beginning now! Get yerself some amazing learning!

02.07.21 13:48
Choreo class change update

Update: Ben and Victoria’s choreo class have been rescheduled to 6pm in the same room (landmark D) due to a flight delay. Gary and Susan’s will stay at 4pm as scheduled.

02.07.21 13:06

Merchandise is open and available for purchase near the main ballroom! Limited edition Angel shirts and limited quantities of W3 gear. Come on down!

02.07.21 9:04
Adventure Now Challenge

There's still time to register teams until 9:45am before we meet at the lobby at 10am (find Taletha). Time to adventure! There is a backup plan in place of rain but currently we're good to go!