West Coast Swing June Social Series (a class, a shared fun learning experience and extended freestyle)
6/3/21 - 6/17/21 Kahibah Sports Club

Terms and conditions current as at April 10th 2021 in line Covid plan dated 10th April 2021

Please read the following carefully and tick to agree to conditions of entry

All conditions of entry are in line with the current Covid-19 NSW Health guidelines. If the restrictions change we reserve the right to modify conditions of entry accordingly, including mid-course.

Conditions of entry as at 10th April 2021

A QR checkin is currently required for all people entering Kahibah Sports Club at their front door. They may also take your temperature.

Electronic records of nightly attendance will be kept as per NSW Health requirement.

Your record of attendance must be provided by us as soon as possible, but within 4 hours, upon any request from an authorised officer of NSW Health.

Doors will be open for registration from 6pm and music will be available freestyle practice.

If you arrive after 6.30pm please wait outside dance room and staff member will attend to your asap. Please note, any arrivals after 6.30pm will disrupt class and leave someone without a partner for that time. Please try your best to be on time. We understand at times this can’t be avoided. If you know you will be late please text Adrian on 0418 679 048.

Temperature checks may occur upon entry to the dance room for any participants or staff.

Hand sanitiser is mandatory before entry to the dance room for all participants and staff and prior to leaving at the end of the night.

We recommend sanitising periodically throughout the night.

Washing AND sanitising hands is required if you cough or sneeze in hands or tissues.

Tissues will be available at front desk. Please dispose of used tissues in bins immediately.

We recommend NOT sneezing coughing in elbow as we use elbows as connection points in the dance and hands can be more easily washed and sanitised. Please leave room or at least move off the floor if you know in advance you need to cough or sneeze.

No spectators are allowed in dance room due to the strictly limited numbers.

Please ensure 1.5m physical distancing where possible, including: at points of mixing or queuing, such as front door, toilets and entrance and exit points between seated groups, and ensure you generally adhere to club controlled seating set-up.

Any staff or students with flu-like symptoms or a temperature are asked to stay at home/not attend class. No entry is permitted also, if you have visited a known hotspot or area of concern, or if you have travelled overseas in the last 3 weeks.

The same applies to anyone who has had contact with someone else who has displayed flu like symptoms, or a temperature, visited a known hotspot or area of concern, or if they have travelled overseas in the last 3 weeks.

Please note; by signing these conditions of entry you are agreeing that none of the above apply to you and you agree to not attending if any of those do apply to you.

We will need to ask each night if any of the above has occurred between class nights.

If you feel flu-like symptoms on the night please socially distance and advise us immediately.

If on the night anyone clearly appears to show flu like symptoms, they will be asked to leave. Under these circumstances a proportional credit for missed nights will be given and applied to future series.

Our top priority is the health & safety of all students & staff attending danceVibe classes/ events. To that end we reserve the right to insist that any attendee we deem at risk to have a Covid test & notify dancevibe of the results ASAP. Those getting tested must register a negative result before being allowed to attend future classes (or events). For example, if a participant is asked to leave or leaves as a result of having flu-like symptoms or temperature they will be required to have a Covid test asap and advise us of results.

Couples wishing to not rotate need to tick that option on danceconvention when they register.

Please try to refrain from touching your face or another person's face.

Masks are recommended, but not mandatory.

We strongly encourage all participants to show common courtesy and good hygiene by showering prior to attendance and putting on fresh clean clothes where possible.

No gatherings are permitted outside the venue - e.g. carpark.

We suggest avoid hugging, kissing and shaking hands.

We recommend keeping mingling/crowding to a minimum, e.g. maintain 1.5 metres where practical.

We recommend those who are in the Covid high-risk categories ie : over 70, have a chronic illness or are immuno - deficient, to seriously consider not attending class. If you do choose to attend, you agree that you will do so at your own risk.

danceVibe is not liable for any Covid out-breaks or any Covid-related issues. The risk is yours to take.

As per venue request, we encourage all participants to bring their own water bottles. No glasses will be available at the water fountain. Bar service is an option.

We also recommend bringing your own sweat towels and change of shirts for those who sweat.

Contactless payment is required. This is provided via danceconvention online registration.

Pre-paid registrations only. Registration is not confirmed until final approval by staff.

Air-conditioning will be on, but will NOT be on recirculating mode to maximise ventilation of fresh air.

Dance room doors will be open prior to class and during the night where required by venue.

In the unfortunate occurrence of a positive case of Covid amongst participants, NSW health will be immediately notified, as will all students in attendance via danceconvention email.

We maintain the right to cancel the course, including if minimum numbers aren't met- full refunds will be given under these circumstances ONLY.

Strictly no refunds for non- attendance. Transfers are allowed, e.g. if you can’t make one night someone can take your place- leader for leader or follower for follower. You are responsible for arranging to be reimbursed by replacement person. We must be advised in advance and they must register in advance by liasing with Adrian. Please have them text me on 0418679048 or Maryanne on 0400597389.

Again, in the very unlikely scenario where any classes need to be cancelled by us due to Covid-related issues we will provide unused credits to all participants and hold for future classes.

**Standard Student Declaration/Disclaimer: **

While all due care will be taken by teachers, they cannot be responsible for improper execution of movement.

To help ensure no injury occurs, I agree to take full responsibility to warm up and adjust my practice according to my personal limitations.

The decision to perform any move remains mine alone.

I will take full responsibility for myself during the class and during the practice time.

I will also notify teachers before class begins of any injury, illness, or surgery, pregnancy which may affect my ability to perform and practice any of the moves.

Any additional practice I do, with or without the teachers present, is at my own risk.

I accept full responsibility for any injuries sustained to myself, or damage to my property during danceVibe attendance.

I release danceVibe from any legal liability.

I give consent for danceVibe staff to obtain medical assistance in the case of an emergency.

I agree to not provide instruction to other students in class or on the social floor without specific permission to do so.

I understand bullying or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

This is essentially a private function and if asked to leave for any misconduct no refunds will be given.

Thanks for adjusting to the new normal.

We look forward to seeing you all back on the floor.

Adrian and the danceVibe team.