A Brandi Guild Mini-Intensive: Discipline and Liberation in West Coast Swing - Presented by Twin Cities Rebels Swing Dance Club
online 2/13/21 - 2/20/21

Freedom to a dancer means discipline. That is what technique is for – liberation. -Martha Graham

Join internationally renowned dancer, instructor and coach Brandi Guild for two workshops as we explore both discipline and liberation in West Coast Swing. These sessions are specially designed for leaders, followers, social and competitive dancers alike!

The first session will focus on quality of movement - both in the carriage of the body, and in the use of the feet and legs - to express the character of west coast swing. Brandi will incorporate these techniques into a 32-count movement sequence to help us commit them to muscle memory. Additionally, Brandi will give us key practice drills to maintain and grow our new skills.

The second session will focus on styling strategies that allow us to creatively express ourselves within West Coast Swing. We will apply these styling strategies to the same 32 count combination. At the end of this session, each of us will have our own unique movement sequence that will be adaptable for solo practice, social dancing and competition.