Next Generation May 2020
online 5/5/20 - 5/30/20

WCS Austria - Next Generation - May

Online classes by West Coast Swing Austria every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, in the convenience of your own living room!

After our first month of the online class concept we received numerous positive feedback, so there is no question, we carry on with weekly online classes in May as well!

We selected popular and experienced instructors for you, covering diverse topics, week in and week out! On Tuesdays and Thursdays we are bringing you the same teachers, so the ongoing, structured education is guaranteed for our loyal participants. Don’t worry though if you miss one, the classes can be taken individually as well! We’re spicing things up a bit for the weekend on Saturdays with a rotation of world class follower instructors :)

WHO? - Your instructors in May: Every Tuesday: Laszlo Tarkanyi (HUN) Every Thursday: Joel Torgeson (USA) On Saturdays: Phoenix Grey (USA) / Bryn Anderson (USA) / Michael Kielbasa (USA) / Arjay Centeno (USA)

Laszlo Tarkanyi is an international West Coast Swing social dancer, instructor, coach, competition judge, event director and most of all, an enthusiast of the dance. He was part of the international award-winning Swingshot West Coast Swing Formation team from the beginning. After a successful period in the team, he made his mark in the individual competition scene as well, making it all the way to the All-Star division where he has been competing successfully ever since. His classes are known for a fun and welcoming atmosphere, detailed technical tuition and his radiating enthusiasm to transfer his knowledge and experience to his students.

Joel Torgeson is a dancer, writer, and creator who wanders the world! Joel also enjoys obnoxious amounts of chocolate, green tea. He’s down to dabble in everything form language-learning to Jason Mraz karaoke, so he’s a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. Joel’s dance journey has taken him all over. This includes flooring routines at the The Open Swing Dance Championships to making music videos in LA. He is currently one of the most winning All-Star leaders in West Coast Swing - making him a very credible teacher who also showed he knows his trade.

Phoenix Grey is a Portland, Oregon (USA) based dancer known on the West Coast Swing circuit for dancing both as a leader and follower. Exercising both roles has given Phoenix a broad understanding of the intricacies of partner dancing from both sides of the connection. His teaching style favors connection, partnering, and movement dynamics. Phoenix is celebrated for his playful musicality and shameless confidence on the dance floor. His advocacy for gender neutral dancing is still going strong, and he is proud to see how much progress has come from the last few years.

Bryn Anderson began dancing WCS at age five and fell in love with it at twelve. She transitioned into Champions at 18 after becoming one of the most successful All Star and Rising Star competitors on the WCS circuit. She has been teaching for six years and currently travels around the United States and world with her partner KP Rutland.

Michael Kielbasa has been training and dancing for the past 20 years, in most styles of Partner Dancing. As one of the top Master Instructors, Michael has been traveling, teaching and performing not only in the United States but in countries like Canada, France, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Brazil and Australia. He is known for his instruction, choreography, unique style, approach and quality. Michael is dedicated to the growth of all dance, its recognition as a sport and exciting social activity for everyone to enjoy!

Arjay Centeno is a West Coast Swing Champion who has been dancing almost all his life. He is trained in International Standard and International Rhythm, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern and Theater Arts. He’s proficient in almost every partner dance. In his 17 year WCS career he’s one of the fastest males to climb the circuit, he’s won many Jack and Jill’s and Strictly Swing competitions at the highest of Champion divisions. And is a many time champion of Classic and Showcase as well as US Open champion in Teams and Strictly Swing. Arjay has developed a reputation for his unique teaching style, his fun and playfulness on and off the floor, his innovative patterns and musicality.

WHEN? - Your dates of the month: WEEK 1 May 5 - Laszlo Tarkanyi May 7 - Joel Torgeson May 9 - Phoenix Grey WEEK 2 May 12 - Laszlo Tarkanyi May 14 - Joel Torgeson May 16 - Bryn Anderson WEEK 3 May 19 - Laszlo Tarkanyi May 21 - Joel Torgeson May 23 - Michael Kielbasa WEEK 4 May 26 - Laszlo Tarkanyi May 28 - Joel Torgeson May 30 - Arjay Centeno

All classes are 7PM-8PM CET.

WHAT? The workshop topics will be posted continuously, but be sure - our teachers are preparing for these all level classes with advanced concepts and technique, so everyone will learn something, from Newcomer all the way up to All Star :)

HOW? The lessons will be delivered to you via ZOOM meetings. You will receive the links to your selected classes after your payment is processed. The classes are tailored for the actual situation around the world - the material can be practiced without or with a partner.


  1. Choose your classes or subscribe for the whole month
  2. Register&pay here in DanceConvention
  3. Click the ZOOM meeting link you received in email when your classes start
  4. Give us feedback - we would like to improve the quality of our service! (optional, but appreciated :) )

Couldn't make the class? Wanna watch the class again? The recording of each and every class you sign up for will be sent to you via email, so you will have the chance to review the material, look up pieces for further understanding and practice as long as you wish!

See you guys online in the next class, Stay safe and take care, Roland and the WCS Austria Team