Next Generation Volume 1
online 3/31/20 - 4/4/20

Even if many of us have to sit at home alone, there is no reason to do without WCS dance inputs. In this event we offer you 3 different trainers with the possibility to improve your dance style.

Laszlo Tarkanyi, Hungary: Tuesday, 7 PM Get excited about YOUR swing! Have you ever felt that your WCS often falls to a default, that you feel like your own social/competitive dancing becomes boring for you? I certainly have! In this online class I will show you some simple but super effective tools, concepts I encountered on my own journey of learning - all to enhance variety in your dancing! This hour will work on your solo movement control skills, so it works either with or without a partner - which comes in handy in these #stayathome times. Tune in, cannot wait to be in a class with you again

Attila Kobori, Austria Thursday, 7 PM Better posture - better movement This online class will be all about working with the upper body. A good posture is necessary to move smoothly from one foot to the other, control weight transfer and look like a dancer on the dancefloor. Used correctly, the spine, the ribcage and the pelvis can add to the quality of movement thus creating a three dimensional, dynamic and aesthetic dance. How to do all that while maintaining a straight back and neck? Exercises you can include in your daily practice routine will give you an idea of how the mechanics of your own body can work to enhance your dance skills.

Sonya Dessureault Saturday, 7 PM **Quarantine Styling ** Join me for a fun hour of follower styling and technique. We will have a good warm-up to loosen those stiff -I’ve actually been doing work conferences from my bed confinement muscles-. Then follow with a bra optional sequence of drills to practice alone while eating ice cream in your apartment.
We will put all of that into a short routine and wine down