Fall, Fall in Swing 2020
3/6/20 - 3/8/20 Incheon, Korea

Fall, Fall in Swing is all about sharing our LOVE of dance. Prepare for lots of fun and smiles as we bring the Korean WCS dance community's uniqe flare and overflowing passion to the world. Join our friendly dance family! Now in our 2nd year as a WSDC Registry Event and coming to you from a new, insta-famous venue the 3-night event includes:

  • WSDC Competitions
  • Leveled Workshops & Special Lessons
  • Thrilling Pro Shows and Invitational Jack & Jill
  • Showtime Stage (Open to anyone who wants to perform)
  • 3 Nights of All-Night Social Parties
  • Free Passes for (WSDC) All-Stars and Juniors (under 18)