KIWI fest 2019
5/3/19 - 5/5/19 Kiev, Ukraine

Dear friends! We are excited to announce that KIWI fest is coming. Ukraine has become even more affordable and more welcoming. The event will take place at the same beautiful spot as the last year! And Kiev is amazing in early May: you will have something lovely to see, something delicious to taste and of course cool people to dance with. Book the dates to party and for workshops with amazing teachers! This is what you are going to remember from KIWI fest:

Lovely location of our event hotel Creative workshops by talented teachers Special sightseeing tour around Kiev on Thursday Crazy Party BUS (free drinks on board) Romantic boat party with an incredible view of the river (Themed party) 3 parties till breakfast Live band and WCDS competitions of course

Let's rock the floor these days: 3-5 of May 2019 «Puscha Congress Hotel»!

2 May - Pre-paryt at Party Bus & Boat Party 3 May - Strictly and Party 4 May - WSDC JNJ: New, Nov, Int, Adv, AllSt & Party 5 May - Party with Live Band

See you on the dance floor!

WCS-dancers from all over the world connect! There are Low-cost flights available from Europe to Kiev. You do NOT need Visa to visit Ukraine if you are a citizen of CIS, European country, US or Canada!