Russian Open WCS Championship 2019
3/28/19 - 3/31/19 Moscow, Russia

Russian Open WCS 2019

Reload and no limits!

Come and hang out with us! Communicate, learn, hug, smile and have a good time! :)
Atlas Park-hotel, Moscow, Russia. Only 20km from Domodedovo airport - DME (25 min by taxi).

What is waiting for you

  • 400 sq.m. of the dance floor
  • 8 hours of workshops at 3 levels, 3 hours of styling intensive for leaders and followers, special class about your body.
  • JnJ's, Strictly Swing, Rising Stars competitions
  • 4 dance parties before breakfast!
  • swimming pool, bowling, pool, delicious food, and of course, fresh air outside Moscow ;)

Our Pros

Gary McIntyre & Susan Kirklin (USA) Atrur Radzikhovsky & Marina Motronenko (RUS) Jakub Jakoubek & Emeline Rochefeuille (CZ/FRA) Тatiana Tarabanova (RUS)

Check our website and Facebook page for more info.

Take your friends and join Russian Open! You will love it! 🙂