Holy Land Open - WCS event and tour in Israel
2/18/16 - 2/22/16 Eilat, Israel

Venue - Resort city of Eilat, Israel Incredible beaches and water sports Scuba diving and Snorkeling Tax-free shopping & Promenade market Dolfin reef, underwater observatory... Hotel with all inclusive meals, drinks! and dancing at the pool!

Instructors - Jordan Frisbee (USA) Tatiana Mollmann Bennett (USA) Maxence Martin (FRANCE) Virginie Grondin (FRANCE) Chuck Brown (USA) Mackenzie Goodmanson (USA) Tony Schubert (USA) Larisa Tingle (USA) and more to come ...

Competitions - A WSDC sactioned event with various competitions: Jack & Jill Strictly Classic

Holy Land Tour - Monday afternoon February 22, 2015 to Wednesday afternoon February 24, 2015 You already made it to Israel, so why not tack on two more days to see the beautiful country? Israel is tiny: only about a twenty minute drive from side to side at its narrowest part. So we will cover LOTS of sights.

Organized tour will include (subject to change): Gorgeous sunsets Jerusalem GREAT Middle eastern food experiences Bar hopping Tel Aviv Beaches The Dead Sea Camel riding A certified tour guide