Barracks Bash "Christmas in July"
7/6/18 - 7/8/18 Goulburn, Australia

Your teachers - Leanne Landels, Charles Gil, Deanna Rolfe, Nathan Toussaint, Mark Farrell and others TBA.

This is a live-in residential dance camp. There are some off-site and day pass tickets subject to the organiser's discretion. (The venue is limited to 50 participants.) Held at the historic Railway Barracks 2 hours from Sydney and 1 hour from Goulburn. This event has ALL accommodation provided, PLUS meals AND is LIMITED to 20 couples. You get plenty of facetime with our teachers.

Workshops to be announced soon. If you can comfortably dance the Starter Step, execute clean Passes, pull of a Whip in 8 counts and understand the difference between a Tuck and a Push Break should come along to this event. In most events only the top dancers seem to mingle with the special guests. Well not at our events. This has got to be the best value for money WCS event in Australia. No competitions - just focussed WCS dance improvement for all!

Book your tickets here. If you cannot afford to pay the full registration fee use the code "Audacity" without the quotation marks.

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