Korea Westival 2018
6/22/18 - 6/24/18 Seoul, South Korea

Date: 2018.06.22 ~ 2018.06.24

Location: Amanti Hotel, Hongdae, Seoul

Guest Professionals:
Korea Westival has the honor of hosting some of the best professionals today:

-Maxime Zzaoui & Torri Smith Zzaoui (France)

-Maxence Martin & Virginie Grondin (France)

-Semion Oksiannikov& Maria Elizarova (Russia)

-Irina Puzanova (Russia)

Competitions: -Jack n Jill Competitions (WSDC Registry Event)

-Open Strictly Competition

Extra Features: To make sure that every dancer is getting the most out of the workshops, Korea Westival will be offering leveled workshops. Dancers will be able to learn and take workshops with others similar to their ability. In addition, there will be plenty of partying during and after the social parties to get more familiar with the Korean partying experience.

*날짜 : 2018.06.22 ~ 2018.06.24

*위치: 아만티 호텔, 홍대, 서울


-Maxime Zzaoui & Torri Smith Zzaoui (France)

-Maxence Martin & Virginie Grondin (France)

-Semion Oksiannikov & Maria Elizarova (Russia)

-Irina Puzanova (Russia)

*디테일 : 각 레벨별 워크샵 제공, 레벨별 대회들과 프로 쇼, 그리고 밤샘 파티!!

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