4-week Westie Primer - an online #laszlothing (2nd edition)
online 12/1/20 - 12/27/20

Class times (Tuesdays): Dec 1, 8, 15, 22 – 67PM CET Free bonus physical priming (Saturdays): Dec 5, 12, 19, 27 (Sunday!) – 10:30AM CET Price (for 4 weekly classes on Tuesdays, pp): 45 EUR (until 26-Nov midnight) 50 EUR (27-Nov and later)

4-week Westie Primer, an online #laszlothing

What do we love in dancing?

The flow, the social dancing, the friends, the feeling of stretch, the movement! These are some of the many elements that makes us love our West Coast Swing so much! The world is in a unique place now, with all the Corona-related stuff going on. Some countries are open, some are locked down - and we all miss the events, friends, live interaction. I do so dearly.

„So Laszlo, another online course?”

This is not your regular online class, not a substitute for your real-life dancing, it is perfectly complimenting / preparing you for it!

I was thinking, what do good West Coast Swing dancers have in common, that can be perfectly cultivated in an online environment, equally well? Among many other aspects, I found two factors that are priorities:

  1. They are familiar with their own responsibilities in West Coast Swing
  2. They are ready to effectively move – fit to dance West Coast Swing

Consequently my 4-week Westie Primer program is aiming to address these two topics.

Why is online a good format for this purpose? Well, you don’t need to leave home for it, so it is pretty much saving time for you! Not getting back to a normal’ish dance environment yet where you live? You will, soon. Getting back to normal’ish? Prime yourself to be the best dancer partner you can be by the time you can practice/social dance with a partner. Leverage what you learnt during weekly real-life class / social experience!

The program is tailored for humble novice/intermediate westies, who are ready to come to class with a mindset ready to receive (if you’re just out of intermediate, and want to join, you are more than welcome!). I’d like to have enough time for everyone, therefor there are limited number of spots – 12 participants maximum!

„So what will we learn and practice together?”

During the weekly classes on Tuesdays I’m sharing my experience with you regarding the first point, the West Coast Swing-specific stuff. It won’t be your regular “how to do a sugar push and tuck” kind of class – it will dig deep into how and what we do in WCS, a digestible format tailored to YOU! The class will be 75 minutes long and will be conducted via Zoom – giving the opportunity to properly warm up, learn and practice together, and probably end with some cool down. Above all my aim is to give you as much feedback as I can, hence the limitation of spaces! I will provide a short practice sequence for every week that I recommend participants embrace in the days between classes (hint: this is where the magic will lie, wink-wink).

The second point will be addressed in another session on Saturdays, which will be COMPLETELY FREE for the participants of the program. During this one-hour long Zoom meeting I will guide you through a 40-45 minute long physical awareness and fitness sequence, that I tailored together based on my experience practicing for the same aim you are signing up for. Don’t worry, it’s not a hardcore workout session! This is designed to help YOU take a step forward in being more and more physically able to do your moves in swing, making you be more successful and enjoy dancing even more – take a step forward from where YOU actually are now. The remaining 15-20 minutes will be there for weekly Q&A, the time for you to ask questions that came up along the way, or share your experience with the group

Would you like to review the course material later on? Couldn't make a class? Fear not - both sessions will be recorded and sent to you, so you can re-do them or watch them later :)

„So what's the next step?”

Would you like to be a part of a like-minded group of Westie family members, getting encouragement, sharing everyday success stories you experience with your dancing, being a part of a tribe? Then this is the place to be :)

I'm excited for this journey, and looking forward to making your dancing even more skilled and joyful - and I sincerely hope that you are too!

I'm glad you're here, Friendly regards, Laszlo