Find your style, you - gorgeous!
online 6/4/20 - 6/5/20

Find your style, you - gorgeous!

Two russian badass dancers Marina and Irina are inviting you to spent 4 hours together learning, talking and dancing together!

We’re all different. We love different music, different clothes, different styles. But we all love dancing and everyone’s dance is unique and gorgeous. But sometimes we are to shy to try something new and go out of the borders.

In these 4 hours Irina and Marina will show you how to move differently to different genres of the music (swing, r’n’b, slow). Together we will try something new in order to find what is really yours. We will give you exercises and technique. We will talk about style, make up and hair. We will share our dance experience with you!

When? Thusday, 4 of June and Friday, 5 of June, 19.30 - 21:30 CET.

How much? 30 euros per person via paypal

Where? Zoom platform

What’s up: Thu 7.30-9.00 We will learn a small choreo and then perform it in “Swing” styling 9.00-9.30 Make up and styling girl’s talk. We will disscuss how to look accurate and confident on the dancefloor, what are the necessary things for your make up, how to dress up for comps, etc. Q&A session.

Fri: 7.30-9.00 We will dance in lyrical and r’n’b manner. Get ready to sweat! 9.00-9.30 Hair and styling girl’s talk. Don’t miss the unique chance to see how Marina is doing her hair! Q&A session.