Instant Scoring platform is available on iOS or Android devices as a part of our mobile application. Click here to learn more.

Professional event registration and scoring services

The most complete integration possible: you will be able to manage the whole process, starting from opening your event registration, and ending with automatically generated competition report by the end of event awards ceremony.
Full internationalization: registration process for your customers is internationalized; currently English, Russian, French, Italian and Korean are fully supported for registration process. We also took care of proper automatic transliteration of all personal information in competition printouts.
Flexible event pricing system: yes! And it's probably the most intelligent pricing system out there. You can use deadline based pricing policies, ticket amount pricing policies and various types of discounts (amount and percentage based).
Cross-platform mobile app: our mobile app runs on iOS and Android, supports registration desk workflows with QR code scanning, credit card payments using Square POS. Mobile app includes instant scoring for competitions. For attendees, we support online registration, online payments and push notifications.
Easy to set up and run: you register a promoter account, set up your pricing plan, and you are ready to go. Event settings management has a built-in online help to assist you in making your first steps. And you can easily train your scoring and registration staff, using our dedicated sandbox server.
Payment processing: we support instant integration with PayPal, Square (online and on-site credit card processing), and Stripe (including support for AliPay and WeChat). You may use multiple currencies for your event and define separate prices for each item that you sell, to improve experience for international attendees.
Powerful and flexible scoring: our scoring subsystem supports every feature you may expect, fully integrated with registration, very fast and extremely easy to use. All competition formats and scoring standards are supported for preliminary and final rounds. Instant scoring with iOS or Android mobile devices is supported by our mobile app.
Advanced notifications: the whole registration workflow is supported by extremely powerful yet customizable emails. And you can send custom mass mail announcements, too! Mobile app includes push notifications for event attendees to notify of important schedule changes, send personalized notifications about competition callbacks, and many more.

Your workflow, 10x faster

We are experts in doing this. That means, we already know common event management bottlenecks, and even more: we already addressed most of them.

Bulk registrations management, quick statistics, different projections and breakdowns of your event data - all of those are usually just a few clicks away.

On-site registration process is extremely easy, especially if you use our cross-platform mobile app and QR codes to look up attendees.

Support for Square POS allows you to accept credit cards with ease, and still keep track of credit card payments in the system.

Competition management is designed for speeding up the process of entering scores and calculating results to the humanly possible maximum. Using our Instant Scoring platform allows judges to enter scores on mobile devices and reduces input time to zero.

We created this this product after 10-year experience of running our own events, so we know the problem we're addressing, first-hand. By constantly gathering feedback from event promoters and using it to improve the system, we are able to keep up with the changing business requirements.

If you always needed a feature for your workflow that you can't find in traditional ticket sale systems, most probably it's already there.

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