Welcome to DanceConvention.net!

This is the most comprehensive online system for dance event management and dance competition scoring. It covers all possible aspects of the dance event administration, providing a lot of intuitive yet powerful tools to manage registrations, payments, contests and much more.

We use standard competition scoring algorithms approved by various dance federations all over the world. Our dance scoring system allows very fast and reliable scores processing even for large dance competitions with hundreds of competitors.

Event registration

  • easy event configuration and management;
  • online registration services and easy-to-use registration form;
  • flexible pricing system, pricing policy support, registration deadlines;
  • sophisticated discounts support;
  • various registration options, paid or free;
  • customizable registration attributes;
  • billing and accounting with multi-currency support;
  • seamless PayPal integration for online payments processing;
  • e-mail notification system with customizable emails;
  • registration desk support, including mobile terminal for processing payments.

Dance competition management and scoring

  • automated contest check-in using mobile QR code scanner;
  • dance competition scheduling;
  • full implementation of standard relative placements scoring (including multi-dance support);
  • yes/no/alternative scoring for preliminary rounds;
  • full support for all major types of dance competitions: Jack-N-Jill, Strictly, ProAm, Team Divisions, Routines;
  • very fast scores entry interface, adapted for large contest divisions;
  • full set of printouts for the whole competition process;
  • automated online publishing of competition results;
  • integration with WSDC, BZDC, WZR dance registries, automated results reporting.

Terms of use

We provide a variety of account plans to suit your needs. Basically, there are four types of accounts:

  • Demo: good for getting accustomed with the system. Free of charge, allows you to create and manage events up to 30 participants
  • Small: literally, for small events. Charged per participant.
  • Medium: for promoters running a few annual events, with fixed price for a single event.
  • Pro: annual subscription that allows to run an unlimited number of events without restrictions.

Please read our Terms Of Service, register promoter account and get in touch with us for setting up a billing plan.


Interested? Contact us and ask your questions. Also, feel free to register a demo promoter account and experiment with our system.